Day 34 – Canada 🇨🇦 150

Day 34 – Canada 🇨🇦 150. Late breakfast, emailing, some writing, FaceTimeing home, and suddenly it was nearly time to take me out to the ball game

The ballpark opposite, where the Thunder Bay Thunder Cats vs Lacrosse Loggers game was due to start at 5pm, had been testing its sound system all afternoon, and I’d say it was working fine. “Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top”. The rain was now falling pretty heavily, the ballpark full of activity, mostly by both teams helping cover the field from the rain, and I was crossing all fingers that the fireworks wouldn’t be a wash-out later. 

As I entered the stadium, we were greeted individually by the nicest bunch of team reps, asking where I was from etc. I bought a programme and discovered I’d got a lucky signed copy, which entitled me to a free Thunder Cats baseball cap – yaay!

I got chatting to the older gentleman handing out the prizes and when he discovered that I was cycling across Canada and had kids at home he gave me another Cats cap, this time in white! Once in the stadium I got a beer, some popcorn, found my seat and settled down as the sun came out on the annual Canada Day baseball match. Some young kids behind were very excited, shouting “Go, Thunder Cats! Go, Thunder Butts! Go, Chunder Butts!” One of them called out to his friend “Hey, hey! Come back” “Why?” “I wanna punch you!”Never thought of spelling it like that – we could go with myum myum for that matter.Great view of my room, 3rd floor

I nearly forgot to include this total fluke action photo from the game. Here we go (he hit it, nearly out of the park, just not nearly enough – out):

We lost, 4-5 I’m afraid. Tense last three innings, home team had bases loaded in the 8th, ready to kill the game, but struck out. 

Then I headed downtown for the celebrations, music and fireworks. The festival was centred on the marina:

The weather was great, and nature even threw in an amazing sunset to celebrate the special day (despite dire forecasts everywhere)

I was just listening to a great Cajun band and thinking “I wonder where the beer tent is” when the announcer said “Welcome to this alcohol-free festival!”, followed by the funniest ironic cheer I’ve ever heard. Despite being surprised, I’m sure it made a better atmosphere overall, especially since it was so family-oriented, and I got supper a nice Thai street food place, with some Thai spiced iced tea, which was delicious. Then everyone found a good spot for the fireworks, kicking off at 11pm:

I sat on my jacket on the grass with a great view of the display, close to a woman vaping her head off. I honestly thought that she was on fire before I saw what was going on. The wind blew her vaping away from me thank goodness, but what a ridiculous thing to impose on everyone around you. I couldn’t believe the amount of smoke, in cool the evening air. A corridor of empty grass developed downwind of her, no one actually asking her to stop. I walked home in another cloud, of firework-smoke, which is a smell I love! As well as the main one, there were displays at the casino and the baseball park, so it was a pea-souper.

Just because it’s a rest day doesn’t mean the signs stop being funny. This is the local paper – surely it’s one or the other? Perhaps they combined and no one told me. 

Another tough day of rest tomorrow. 

One thought on “Day 34 – Canada 🇨🇦 150

  1. Doesn’t seem right that this blog didn’t get any replies, so here’s one – I love the pic of evening by the lake, the waiting figures makeme think of Strange Encounters, have I got the right film?

    And re best musicals, what about Guys and Dolls? D says Singing in the Rain


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