Since this is a blog called Incidents Of Travel, it’s obviously not a great time for sharing any thrilling new adventures with you. Instead, I thought I’d start a once-or-twice-weekly-ish posting with a musical connection, one that reflects the strange new lifestyle we (not the Royal we) find ourselves living. We (our nuclear family) are currently reduced to a group of three, with one son stuck in York for the duration, but we’ve done the best with the resources available to create a few performances of mostly well-known songs, with words that we hope you’ll find speak to our times.

Certain foibles and weaknesses have been highlighted by being furloughed, laid off, isolated and locked-down, and I’d like to start my own personal list of them here today, accompanied by a song to drive the point home. This concerns one of the scourges of having too much time on your hands and ALWAYS being within easy reach of a kettle:

1. COFFEE: I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely drinking too much of the stuff, and can’t seem to do anything about it. Here’s a little song that our sons learned at school many years ago, and one that I sincerely hope might help us all to deal with this chronic condition – for anyone with a ukulele or any other hand-held muscial device, why not play along? The words are easy and you’ll be needing the chords of F and C7:


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  1. Very good!!!

    Here the original, politically incorrect German version:

    C-A-F-F-E-E, trink’ nicht so viel Kaffee, nichts für Kinder ist der Türkentrank schwächt die Nerven, macht dich blass und krank, sei doch kein Muselmann, der das nicht lassen kann.

    (Muselmann = muslim)

    So then it was changed and cleaned up (taking the poor Turks and Muslims out) so I could sing with with Class 6 at our old school!

    …… nichts für Kinder ist der bitt’re Trank ….. willst nur gesund du sein, schenk’ lieber Tee dir ein!

    Lots of love from down the road!

    Happy Easter!


    CAFEE, trink’ nicht so viel Kaffee, >

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  2. So now, as much as your clip brought a smile to my face, the song is stuck in a never-ending loop and I CAN’T get it out of my head. Pray for me! xe

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  3. Hi Bucktons3!
    What a lovely Passoverly-Easterly surprise! It was great to see and hear you ! My stay-at-home choice of brew is ANYTHING SWEET … missing the sugar thing big time … Maybe there will be a song about that?
    Now, I understand why I haven’t received my Crossing Canada order. It’s not being shipped here 😦
    I’ll wait it out … and look forward to more songs from you three. Love to you all. Doing fine over here! ❤️

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    1. Thanks Virginia, and lovely to hear from you. I’m shocked to hear that books aren’t getting through, but it seems each country is finding its own way with this lockdown. Great to hear that you’re all doing well in Toronto. We’re still clutching our summer flight tickets in hope, but it’s a pretty forlorn hope. I’m having a think about sugar-related songs…any further suggestions welcome! Bxx


      1. Love it! Funny how a lot of ‘Sugar’ songs are a wee bit off-color… Thanks! Your James Taylor choice is my favorite.


  4. You will realise I’m a bit slow getting on to things, but this is quite charming and not even offensive, and the backing group shows a developing talent that promises quite great things for some time in the future.

    DB xxx


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  5. Slow on getting tuned in Ive only just seen the brilliant London travel map! Should go viral, esp the dead- end cupboard… Petroc Trelawny in similar vein this morning on Breakfast radio 3,- he’s going on holiday next week, from bedroom to kitchen. xxx

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