Television ads that are airing in UK at the moment, and everywhere else I’m sure, give a very clear picture of which businesses are locked-down and which are still up and running. There are not a lot of new holiday or airline campaigns out there, or ones for cars, coffee shops or movie releases. What I have seen are tons for online gambling, and I’ve just read a report saying that virtual casinos are really booming. So the second Deadly Sin of Lockdown is…

2. Gambling – Today’s song is by Frank Loesser, from the opening sequence of Guys & Dolls, and concerns the gambling obsession of three typical horserace-addicts, Nicely, Benny and Rusty Charlie, who are competing with each other over who has the best tip for the big race; will it be Paul Revere, Valentine, or Epitaph? Here is our sofa-version of Fugue For Tinhorns. (A tinhorn being a small-time gambler, someone who likes people to think he knows more than he really does. In this song, they’re all so fixated on their own opinion that they can’t bear to listen to what each other are saying, which should probably join the list of Deadly Sins too!)

Should we rename these posts, “The 7 Most Colourful Shirts from Jacob’s Wardrobe”? Can he keep this up? Come back soon for “The 7 Deadly Sins of Lockdown: No.3” to find out!

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6 thoughts on “7 DEADLY SINS OF LOCKDOWN: NO.2

  1. Oh yes! memories of going to see theatre production of Guys and Dolls, Sam and Jacob had learned all the songs and couldn’t be stopped from singing along.
    Your version is even better. Could you do MORE numbers please – starting with Luck be a Lady?

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  2. Great Rendition! Love it! What a classic musical. The lyrics and melodies are brilliant – speaking of which, could Adelaide also have been referring to this virus and not just her interminable single status when she sang:. You can spray her wherever you figure the streptococci lurk You can give her a shot For whatever she’s got But it just won’t work!

    I know streptococci is a bacteria and not a virus, but still….


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