Arrived safely at Copenhagen, received confirmation that Susie’s flight left Hong Kong without Incident of Travel

It’s 6.30am and I’m at Copenhagen airport awaiting my connecting flight to London, having had no problem leaving troubled Hong Kong. As soon as my phone picked up a signal, it was deluged with pop-up notifications from the South China Morning Post and other sources that have been such a feature of our time in […]

FERRY DAY 11 – A late addition: Whampoa to Whampoa, via North Point and Kowloon City

STOP PRESS – “COMMENTS” PROBLEMS…I’m sorry to hear than many of you have been having problems leaving comments, with the normal box section not appearing on the site – I’ve found a temporary fix but I’m on to my WordPress “Happiness Engineer” (I know), and hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of it quickly. Thanks […]