Day 10 Again – The Collector’s Item

Day 10 – The Collector’s Item. Rather than attempt to redo the whole blog (I do have to get some cycling in, after all), instead I thought I’d do a sort of speed dating version, just pics and the odd comment 

So, I left Brant and Dagmars’ early…

I raced a taxi-ing private jet at Kelowna airport, using FOTB Rob Yeoman’s personal mantra. Result. I can’t repeat it or it would lose its power. Eh, Rob?

I had two coffees and “health cookie” (Rodeo?) in this lovely spot in Vernon

Stopped at this insane “Log Barn”….

…where a goat waited patiently high in the air until you’d put seed in his cup, then he wheeled it up and ate it. 

Saw this fine barn, which I think Stewart should paint, what with his vernacular inclinations. 

Cycled for miles with the sweet smell of cut grass. 

Ate alfresco by Mara Lake, and discovered/invented apricot and peanut butter bagels

Found Out what happens if you put frozen apple muffins (thanks Dagmar)…..

In your back pocket on a hot day. They bake! Delicious. 

The record so far for largest towed vehicle seen on this trip. A Jeep. 

And lastly, a preview of Day 11, where a rainstorm has delayed my leaving. See you later! Bx

5 thoughts on “Day 10 Again – The Collector’s Item

  1. Love the barn, Ben – great color and tilt. The gambrel roof always makes me think of that Emily Dickinson poem that has the line ‘and for an everlasting roof/ The gambrels of the sky’. Lots more beautiful barns to come once you hit the Prairies.
    So nice to see your photos. Keep up the good work!


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