Bike Theft from”Secure” Station Lock-up

My good pal and Friend-of-the-blog John Mills has had his bike stolen last night, from a so-called secure lock-up outside Richmond Station. It even has CCTV, but since Police will tell you that these thieves almost certainly covered their heads with their hoodies, it’s a bit irrelevant.

The bike in question is the one mentioned previously in this blog (see 25th March, Corduroy, The Gentleman’s Lycra), the one I sold him last year. It’s very unpleasant when this happens to you, as I’m sure many of you have experienced. Coming back to find it gone is sickening. My favourite bike was stolen in Amsterdam whilst on a cycling holiday with our Jacob, and it created so many problems. The bike I bought to replace it with then is the one John has had stolen yesterday.

If anyone reading this has a road bike they might be interested in selling, probably about a size 54cm, please do get in touch with me via this site and I’ll pass the info on to John. And anyone living in that part of town, please do keep your eyes peeled for a (very rare, even unique in the UK) Jan Janssen red-and-black drop handlebar aluminium road bike. Basically, if it says Janssen on it, it’s John’s!! Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Bike Theft from”Secure” Station Lock-up

  1. What a bummer. Maybe it’s a wandering bike, fated to roam from person to person.But that’s no comfort.


  2. Thanks Ben! Much obliged for the troop rallying call! Apparently it’s in the top ten most nickable bikes. Cold comfort… probably due to the unavailability in U.K. May have even been stolen to order or because they know it’s very desirable. Will really miss it but will have to turn my thoughts to a replacement…

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      1. Someone’s compiled the list from police data online I think. Carrie found it. They list something like the twelve bikes most likely to be stolen.


  3. Also, a warning to fellow commuters. CCTV is no disincentive. It often encourages thieves as cyclists let their guard down thinking it’s safe. Also nobody will see it getting stolen, even in the middle of the day: they walk straight up to the one they want with concealed bolt cutters, kneel close like they are unlocking it and ride off with nobody the wiser. Bikes stolen in west London are then sold in east london and are stored on random streets chained up so the thief will never get caught with stolen goods. They basically can’t be prevented in any way. They will get through almost any lock, including heavy duty D locks (which are among the easiest to lock pick too). The only way to prevent it is having a shit bike or making yours look average. Mine was guilty of looking rather nice. Funny what you learn in these situations!

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