Art Treasures Damaged

Firstly, a big warm welcome to all those of you who have just recently started following this blog. I realise that lots of us haven’t necessarily followed blogs before, which makes me even more glad to have you along for the ride. If you haven’t yet discovered the “follow” button in the bottom right of the screen, move your mouse or wiggle a finger and it should appear. You can always “un-follow” if you change your mind.

The JustGiving site has also been very busy, getting the total raised so far to over £2,500, which is fantastic. Thanks to all who have given so generously.

Now, to the main issue today: over the last few months, several of Susie’s paintings around the house have been showing evidence of wilful damage. The culprit has yet to be found, but since Sam’s at Uni, Jacob (who was a prime suspect) told me it wasn’t him because he can’t draw that well, and it wasn’t me, the net has been tightening around the only remaining suspect, the artist herself.

At first the damage wasn’t that obvious, and may well have been overlooked for some time before finally being noticed.

This landscape is of an island in Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, which is around 3 hours north of Toronto. We had a holiday there with Susie’s father Morley and his wife Dinah in 2012. A close inspection led to this shocking discovery:

Looking at all Susie’s other paintings, it was clear that this wasn’t an isolated incident:

Suddenly the cap worn by the figure in the first painting made sense. This was Cycling Solo Across Canadian Paintings 2017. The rocky Ontario landscape of this Group-of-7-esque picture has been transformed into a challenging new bike trail.

Then this appeared in an ‘early period’ still life. Quite what is supposed to be happening isn’t clear, but possibly the vandal was starting to lose interest in the whole thing and was just sticking old pictures of cyclists wherever they fancied. Unless there are mystical regions of Canada even more strange than I’d imagined. Maybe somewhere in that bit between Calgary and Winnipeg?

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