Extra-proud Husband Extra-blog!

Extra-proud Husband Extra-blog!

Susie had her end of term show at Oaklands College and I couldn’t be there, for obvious reasons. She had two linocut prints displayed, and sold them both! We’re rich! Since you would never do this, Susie, I’ll do it for you.

The Lino cut prints:

This, Cascade, is the one I secretly posted on Facebook a few weeks ago.

And the new one, Still Life with Apricots, so vibrant and colourful that it makes me smile every time I see it.

Congratulations Susie! Bxxx

8 thoughts on “Extra-proud Husband Extra-blog!

  1. Hi Ben and Susie!
    How WONDERFUL, Ben, to travel along with your words and songs and photos – and now, your extraordinarily ALIVE and beautiful artworks, Susie!
    I look forward to each day that I might find another blog from your solo (but always socially interactive) bike trip across Canada.
    Warm and enthusiastic hugs to you both!

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  2. just reading your last blog and this one popped into my inbox! well done Susie. Both are beautiful, I’m not surprised they sold. Extra-proud cousin! X

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  3. Thanks everyone! Not at all sure about having my efforts made public (particularly on Facebook, Ben!) but just to say that even though I sold them both (or ones like them) I had to come WAY down on price! He was only prepared to pay ‘student’ prices so the prices my teacher recommended I ask, were quickly deflated! Still, I’d rather have the money and two fewer prints in my possession.
    Susie xx

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  4. Beautiful work, Susie! These are really striking, vibrant images – full of life. Can’t wait to see more. And congratulation on the sales!



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