Scraping a Pass in Lounge Grade 1

Scraping a Pass in Lounge Grade One – You can’t just walk into the Lounge expecting to be invited to play a set. There are Grades to be negotiated first, and Susie and I narrowly passed our Lounge Grade 1 this morning, on the way to making our dream of playing at “Boncle” become a reality. Susie (an ABRSM Examiner, amongst other things) found herself in the odd situation of marking her own performance:

“The buoyant tempo helped to convey a lively samba character and intonation was largely reliable throughout. There was one area in the middle where inappropriate giggling disrupted the mood, and another moment of confusion at the end; nevertheless, this had enough consistency for overall cohesion. 21/30″

9 thoughts on “Scraping a Pass in Lounge Grade 1

  1. I am sure I recognised the tune but my lack of musical expertise, and elderly age in respect of memory recall (yes Jane I admit it) means I can’t put a name to it. Someone help me out here, please.
    Anyway, it got my feet tapping…..thanks
    Diana 🙂

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  2. A bit slow to understand what was going on. Thought at first it was a sensitive accompaniment to Susie having her breakfast. At last it dawned; “introducing positively the first appearance of the Ronnie Ronalde of Canada.” Give up examining Susie, take to the stage again. xxx

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