Visiting the home of TDA Global Cycling

I cycled a few blocks west from our apartment today to pay a fascinating visit to FotB Micah Markson’s (see Crossingcanada2017 blog in Vancouver) workplace with TDA Global Cycling, the nerve-centre of every bike expedition that they put together. There is currently a Trans-Canadian group on the road, approaching Toronto as I write, that I might yet bump into during Stage Two of my trip. They cycle similar routes and distances as me, but have a van as a support vehicle and all accommodation and food handled for them by TDA. He introduced me to Brian and Mike, his colleagues at TDA – Micah has many jobs in the company, from mechanic to route planner to “sweeper” (what I would call broom wagon) which is the place at the back of the big group looking after the last rider (or lanterne rouge on the Tour de France). This might enable him to have a little doze under a tree from time to time, but I have a feeling than running these trips is a massive effort for all involved, with all the support they offer their clients.

This big whiteboard in the office is where they record how many have signed up for each upcoming ride – it’s an incredible list of choice routes. How many once-in-a-lifetime rides can you do? Note the healthy stats for the intriguingly-named Pub Ride 2018, from Ireland to Copenhagen via, well, pubs! (Canada 2017 is rubbed out because it’s underway). For anyone considering a big cycling adventure but not keen on riding alone, I strongly recommend a visit to their website to see the mouthwatering trips they have planned:

There was a tremendous downpour whilst I was there, which led me to bring my dripping bike up to the office (that’s Mike at work in the foreground). As I looked out of their huge window thinking “I’m glad I’m not camping”, I remembered that I had left my inner tent out on the balcony to air this morning! I think I’ll call it a “wash” instead, and give it another airing later…

There was also a very useful self-service bicycle shop en route, where I picked up a couple of parts:

2 thoughts on “Visiting the home of TDA Global Cycling

  1. While you are lounging in your lounge I have been thinking about your piece (Day 41) about pedal power and your comment that nothing used leg power for centuries. Ha! I thought, is that true? Well, yes in that the bicycle was an early, perhaps first use for transport in the 19th century, but then the harmonium and pedal sewing machine were also both invented in that century. Then what about the potters’ wheel? I don’t think it’s known when the first foot powered kick wheel was used but I suspect it was a very long time ago. Does anyone know?

    But so long as your pedal power keeps up for the next few weeks we don’t need to trouble ourselves too much about that. Have a good day.

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    1. In the Chilterns there’s a museum called The Chilterns Open-Air Museum (I’ve been meaning to take you there for years) which contains buildings from across the ages, moved to the site brick by brick (or whatever they’re made of). In the woods in the summer they have displays of wood-turning, using saplings bent way over to create tension and connected by rope to a simple machine that spins the piece of wood whilst the craftsman holds the chisel, making chair legs and banisters. And the whole thing is controlled by a simple foot-rocker, or pedal! I don’t know the date but it’s a pretty old system I believe.


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