When I were a lad…

I thought I’d follow up yesterday’s posting almost right away, after receiving a heartfelt recollection which I couldn’t resist sharing with you, from Susie’s father Morley in Toronto, of his youthful cycling days. It captures exactly the feeling I had, getting back on the road bike after months of carrying panniers across Canada 🇨🇦 :

“I love the loadless bikes… they are so light and rigid too, you can feel the acceleration in each pump of the leg, almost making you hang on tight to the handlebars to keep the bike getting away from you… it was thrilling on my campagnolo’d french dynamax bike with michelin tyres…”

(I couldn’t resist looking into the ‘Dynamax’ bike, which I hadn’t heard of. It was indeed French, but couldn’t be branded ‘Motobecane’ in Canada for some reason).

So here, as a small thank-you for Morley, is a French/Canadian blast from his cycling past…

He also wanted to know what bike I’d be riding for the RideLondon-Surrey100 – a custom Trek Emonda (the choice of guineafowl everywhere) is the answer, always assuming that no one steals it between now and the 29th July. To sponsor me, please click here:

BEN’S VirginMoneyGiving PAGE


On the subject of The Bike That Won’t Go Away, this just in from our Crime Correspondent, John Mills:

“Still waiting for an update on the bike from British Transport Police. My cunning plan to prove that it is mine beyond doubt (as I didn’t have the sense to take note of the frame number…) is to use the serial number of my computer sensor that they have also thoughtfully left on the bike right where I left it! Hoping to get some updates by the time you publish your book. Go Ride London!”

Oh look, more bicycle pictures…

Dynamax Tour de France (Made by Motobecane)

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