Arrived safely at Copenhagen, received confirmation that Susie’s flight left Hong Kong without Incident of Travel

It’s 6.30am and I’m at Copenhagen airport awaiting my connecting flight to London, having had no problem leaving troubled Hong Kong. As soon as my phone picked up a signal, it was deluged with pop-up notifications from the South China Morning Post and other sources that have been such a feature of our time in Hong Kong, all telling a story of escalating problems overnight:

Trying to stay calm, I checked on Susie’s progress (she was leaving HK at 9am Sunday), and was relieved to see that they got away safely too, although with much tighter security than we had just a few hours earlier.

As I left the hotel at 7pm, the next wave of AB examiners were just having a drink together to mark the start of their visit. I’m sure we all wish them well in the coming weeks, and that they can safely steer clear of difficulties, and wish the same for any friends and relations we all may have that are there for work.

Thanks to those of you who were concerned for both of our journeys this evening, and for the rest of our large, fragmented group. It’s been an extraordinary month, and doesn’t look like settling down anytime soon.

With love from Benx

15 thoughts on “Arrived safely at Copenhagen, received confirmation that Susie’s flight left Hong Kong without Incident of Travel

  1. So relieved to hear you are both safe and on your way home! Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures once more, Ben….it is the best summertime reading! I so look forward to hearing what the next chapter will be!
    See you both soon. Lots of love, Jane x

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    1. Yes, it was not much fun anticipating the weekend of disruption when we both just wanted to have a simple flight home. One further Incident of Travel just now tho (you’ve got a personal blog post!) – I put my hand up at Copenhagen when they asked if anyone wanted to be bumped to a later BA flight (I’m waiting at LHR for Susie anyway), and got breakfast and a generous euro-gift for my trouble! Right now I’m enjoying a croissant, mushroom omlette and coffee whist catching up with all these kind comments! Bx

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  2. Great to wake up to your blog and to know you’re both out OK. Yes,’ incidents of travel ‘ has acquired a new significance this trip. See you soon! Xx

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    1. Yabbadabbadoo!!!! Big relief for all !
      Dorothy and Toto come to mind..
      ” There’s no place like home!”
      Lots of love and Hugs to you both XX💜💚🌈

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