Last post now updated to allow comments!

5 thoughts on “Last post now updated to allow comments!

  1. Thank you Ben for the most enjoyable series of posts throughout August. I have loved hearing of your travels, your overheating, your adventurous spirit, your joy in ferries with bike,
    (me too! Cal Mac Outer Hebrides, and next week the Scillonian!) but above all I love the way you trust and revel in the goodness of human nature throughout the world.
    Thanks Ben

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  2. Nice one! Me and Ells have loved reading the updates 🙂 you missed a few stats though:

    1) Time spent walking between bike and cafe
    2) Time spent walking between bike and beach
    3) Time spent working out stats 1 and 2
    4) Time spent working out stat 3
    5) Time wasted reading this comment

    That’s all! See you soon xox

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  3. thanks, Ben
    how different from your N.A. itinerary.
    both make me love the wide open accessible spaces in this vast continent we recently landed on
    tho I love all ferry boats of all the different types and places, even including a local one where the captain smells of liquor but gets us to where we’re going very efficiently…(just as liquor itself move inevitably in and out of our lives and pleasures)
    your travels also make me appreciate the unpolitical local virtues of Canada contrasting with the indecisive/overdecisive overcontrolled/undercontrolled uncomfortable events of the crowded places of the Rising Sun… and your welcome back to Jolly Old England where everything is more settled, tho it doesn’t quite seem that way, does it. don’t worry. Everything settles to the bottom if you give it enough time.


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