Not an End of the Day Post…

I’m piggybacking some cafe wifi to let you know that, due to popular demand after I mentioned it in the blog, and thanks to the tireless efforts of Jacob E. Buckton, there is now a link to the insanely catchy and hauntingly beautiful Staves song Winter Trees, in a cover version by Jacob and the Chisholm Sisters. It’s been going around my head for days as I cycle along, and I still haven’t tired of it.

Here’s the link:

Winter Trees (The Staves) cover version
And another thing…. Stewart, you mentioned over supper on Tuesday a poem you knew of the same name by William Carlos Williams, and I was delighted to find it last night. It’s the very start of summer and I’m surrounded by countless thousands (millions?) of evergreen trees, but this hits the spot:

By William Carlos Williams 1883-1963
All the complicated details 
of the attiring and 
the disattiring are completed! 
A liquid moon 
moves gently among 
the long branches. 
Thus having prepared their buds 
against a sure winter 
the wise trees 
stand sleeping in the cold.

2 thoughts on “Not an End of the Day Post…

  1. Excellent literary detective work, Ben. The WCW does indeed hit the spot, as does the title poem from Sylvia Plath’s volume, Winter Trees, with its arresting opening line: “The wet dawn inks are doing their blue dissolve”. Consolation for those wet mornings I hope you don’t get.
    Good luck for the mountains!


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