Released today – CROSSING CANADA: Incidents Of Travel On A Bike

Even sooner than hoped, my new ebook has been published TODAY on the Amazon Kindle store. Simply click below to have a look, and maybe even to download a copy…

If you’re new to eBooks, please feel free to click on the link below to find out how to download the Kindle app for any smartphone, tablet or computer:


8 thoughts on “Released today – CROSSING CANADA: Incidents Of Travel On A Bike

    1. So here’s one quick fix for iPad or iPhone you can try Miranda, although the voice quality is not quite Matt Berry standard:
      Go to Settings, then General, then Accessibility, then Speech, then switch on Speak Screen.
      If you swipe two fingers down on any page, Stephen (or Stephanie) Hawking can read it to you! Have fun.


      1. Ben ! Well done You!! – you’ve kicked the ball into the net! Hats off to you and sloppies from all of us and (especially) the Rols!

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  1. Just finished reading, thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks for the great read. Am planning a 2022 ride from Quebec->Alberta and saw this ride as an opportunity to reflect, to take time away from everything , to be lonely and self-sufficient. I now understand that the trip will be made of choice moments of interaction with others, and that it is alao part if the adventure and the beauty of this type of trip.
    Thanks again 🙂


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