Meet SOS Children’s Villages

The whole trip will be helping to raise money for the wonderful SOS Children’s Villages. They are a charity dedicated to giving homes and protection to children that have been orphaned, abandoned or abused in parts of the world suffering great hardship and conflict – please take a minute to donate simply by going to my JustGiving page below:

How is your contribution making a difference?

Our ultimate aim is that every child grows up with a family and with love, respect and security. Currently, every 2.2 seconds a child somewhere in the world is orphaned or abandoned. We currently support over 60,000 children living in 567 Villages in 125 worldwide.

While the children are in our care they are welcomed into a loving family and community where they are provided with constant access to quality education and healthcare. As they grow and they prepare for adult life they will either take part in vocational training or go onto higher education so that they can learn all the skills that they need to be financially self-sufficient. They are also constantly provided with the love and care of an SOS mother, a family and a community that support them so that they have all the tools that they need to live a happy and healthy life.

Where do we work?

There are SOS Children’s Villages, and associated community programmes, in 125 countries around the world – making us one of the world’s largest orphan charities. These span Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. You can sponsor a child in most of these countries with SOS Children here in the UK. See where we work.

What are Children’s Villages?

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