Day 84 – Rest Day in St Peters

Day 84 – Rain at night, mist at dawn, coffee in the tent, bike through the mist, breakfast at Timmy’s, rain on the window, book on the table, friends meet for coffee, stories to make you laugh, old folk talk, young’uns don’t,

…writing the blog, rain on the window, glad to be inside, lunch at Timmy’s, rain has stopped, walk to the canal, back to the tent, sleep, tea and more book, chat with locals, (Hello Mona), walk to Fort Toulouse,

sit on the beach, watch the waders, listen to Loons, supper on the beach, finally the sun’s out, eclipse tomorrow?

3 thoughts on “Day 84 – Rest Day in St Peters

  1. You are sounding very poetic today, Ben – love the new style…! Your photos are as amazing as ever. It would be lovely if you could hold a ‘photo’ evening when you get back, just so we can re-live the whole journey again; I’m going to really miss your daily blogs when you have finished! Do hope the ferry crossing goes smoothly and the uke is not called upon to save the day! #longlivetheuke!

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  2. Yes the poetic shorthand is great but I guess it wouldn’t work for the whole thing- works now because we know details about the journey and can interpret the shorthand. re old folk talk younguns don’t, I was thinking how your journey encompasses both – what I mean is, you make use of modern technology but also are in touch with ancient ways/ the world all around you. Verging on Pseuds corner, sorry.,…

    Looking for journey poems, what I thought of is the lovely walking song in Tolkien, seems to fit?

    The road goes ever on and on
    Down from the door where it began
    Now far ahead the road has gone
    And I must follow if I can
    Pursuing it with eager feet
    Until it joins some larger way
    Where many paths and errands meet
    And whither then? I cannot say.

    THis might make Susie cry.It does me. Keep going hobbit.I think there’s another verse later on, Bilbo saying something about stopping…


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