Another Sing-Song, for Kids and the Uke-Curious

As a little extra today, I’ve made a short video especially for kids (hello Mai Lan, Nell Buckton, Max Mills, Millie Giles, all the kids in Souris, Manitoba, and all my pupils from Beechwood enjoying their holidays!), and also anyone wanting to practise playing a bit of very simple ukulele, or both, so please dig out that uke and get yourself comfortable…..ok? Good. 

This song is called “Jean-Denis Gaudet est un Homme Canadien” and was written on the bicycle yesterday and recorded this morning at my nouvelle maison Québécoise, aka La Pavillion, aka La Maison de Uke Club Franglais

I was thinking about Sylvaine Lefebure, the guitarist we heard at the market in Montreal, and that sort of simple storytelling style of chanson. Mine is much more polite. (Jean-Denis Gaudet was an estate agent whose name and face kept appearing on boards two days ago, and his name stuck. “Pneu Canadien” is a tribute to Morley Markson, Susie’s father, who always says that, with a nasal caractérstique, whenever he sees a Canadian Tyre store).

So welcome to Uke Club Franglais. There are just two chords, C & G7, so you can practise them first if you like.

It’s dedicated to little Mai Lan in Montreal, who likes a nice sing-song, as a thank-you to her family for putting me up over the weekend. If you enjoy this song, why not make a donation to SOS Children’s Villages through my JustGiving page? If you don’t, why not make a donation anyway? It’s a win/win for all the kids in all the villages all over the world. Thanks.

9 thoughts on “Another Sing-Song, for Kids and the Uke-Curious

  1. Brilliant Ben! Another one to do with uke club… maybe in conjunction with the French dept??
    Following your progress avidly… you’re getting close to Nova Scotia!

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  2. I love the singsong, so sweet , and there’s something about names isn’t there.Can see it becoming an ear worm to drive all parents mad on long car journeys

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      1. I wondered if it was admin privileges on your computer! Maybe if I created a private YouTube video and pasted a link it would embed? I’ll have a go.

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